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Silent Hill FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation by ChandooG

Now head back to the second floor via the staircase we took to get down just now, once your on the second floor open your map remember the music room where we went a little earlier, the one with the piano, right, head there now. Once your in the music room check the music sheet nearby which is written in blood and you will get the following poem. 'A tale of birds without a voice' First flew

Adveho Procul Mihi Frater: LoS vs JLI

Under the authenticated administration of the Justice League International a pivotal implementation of unprecedented espionage was commissioned. Spear

Seattle Nike store gets completely trashed by Black Friday

Employees at a Nike store were left with a nightmare cleanup after thousands of shoppers rushed through aisles of the store on Black Friday, throwing empty shoeboxes, chunks of cardboard and

L'atelier de Joel Robuchon London Reviews?

Read page 2 of the L'atelier de Joel Robuchon London Reviews? discussion from the Chowhound Restaurants, Uk food community. Join the discussion today.

Yakuza 2 Mahjong Guide for PlayStation 2 by barticle

1 DRAGON PUNG - a Pung or Kong of Dragons; on the score-sheet this is listed simply as "Green", "Red" or "White" 1 PREVALENT/SEAT WIND - a Pung or Kong of either the Prevalent Wind or your current Seat Wind; this is listed on the score-sheet simply as "East" for example; you can claim both together for two Fan see Double Wind below Since you can score a Fan which doubles your score

Getting rid of squirrels.

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Another Code: R

Old Cottage - Cellar ----- Look in the der, the sheet of paper and then the pink ink. Pick up the paper and use it with the hotplate on the left of the screen. Simply move the paper around until the image appears. Don't worry, you can't burn it. After the lights go out, flip the switch up. The switch is on the far right in the middle of the screen. Look at the picture of Ashley's parents

Professor Layton and the Unwound Future Walkthrough for DS

Puzzle NO.004 PUZ004 - Moving Day Picarats: 15 Question: Two mew are moving boxes from the first floor to the third. The larger man can carry two boxes at a time, and it takes him one minute to get to the third floor. The smaller man can carry only one box at a time, but it takes himm just 30 seconds to make it to the third floor. For both men, the return trip to the first floor is the

The Tomb Raider Trilogy FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 3

The floor between was of hefty flagstones, in parts broken through. A bottomless pit yawned beneath. Lara thought she saw a path across the remaining tiles, and gingerly picked her way across, but as she paused for direction the ground trembled. All at once what was left of the flooring dislodged, and fell to the depths. One flagstone after another disappeared until she stood on the sole

GoldenEye 007 FAQ/Walkthrough for Nintendo 64 by IRogers

Go back to the first floor, and open the only other unlocked door on that floor besides the one you came through. Quick Back away Why should you back away? Well, there are two drone guns in that room that are aimed at your head Back away, far enough so that they can't shoot you, and then shoot them. Usually, right in the middle of the fight, some soldiers will come out of the room to get