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The Odd Truth, Aug. 30, 2003

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What would happen to Earth if humans suddenly disappeared?

Wood structures would eventually be downed by termites or fires, and metal objects like cars and bridges would rust away. Of course, our footprint on the Earth would remain for a long time.

are walls and fences penetrable???

You can shoot through the wood and corrugated metal fences just fine. Don't know about brick walls, but from what I've seen, you can't penetrate them with anything less than 40mm. I'm a cool guy.

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer FAQ/Walkthrough

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Neighbor-on-neighbor shooting was murder, Oregon jury says

Easley, 65, who did not testify, told Oregon State Police investigators he was putting barbed wire along the fence when an intoxicated Estes lunged through the plastic tarp and grabbed at his shorts.

Weekend Landscaping Episodes TV Guide

Greenhouse Effect. August 23, 2005. Conclusion. A cyclone fence is upgraded with two new looks, one for each side. The second side is given a Japanese theme that features a bonsai on a pedestal