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How Aaron Levie and his childhood friends built Box into a

Box has grown rapidly since it was established, from offering a simple cloud storage service to hosting an all-inclusive enterprise platform for workplace collaboration to content management and

How to share folders between guest and host in VirtualBox

Data center managers, add this VirtualBox efficiency tip to your bag of tricks by simply following the steps to set up shared folders between VirtualBox host and guest.

New Office 365 OneDrive storage is essentially "unlimited

Microsoft bumped the OneDrive cloud storage for all Office 365 accounts to a whopping 1 TB. Microsoft raised the roof on its OneDrive storage this week. The new OneDrive capacities are still

Replicate backups to the cloud with StorageCraft

Offsite storage of backup data is huge when it comes to ensuring business continuity. Many organizations still consider backup to be enough when planning for disaster.

Get back the 10GB of free OneDrive storage Microsoft is

Pay for more OneDrive storage Granted, it sucks that Microsoft is reducing the amount of free OneDrive space you can get. On the other hand, Microsoft is a business, and OneDrive is a pretty good

The limits of unlimited OneDrive storage

Microsoft is upgrading Office 365 customers to unlimited OneDrive storage, but that doesn't mean you can just put all of your files in the cloud.

Facebook, Twitter and Google's year of reckoning

Between Russian meddling, fake news and disturbing content on their platforms, this was a year of reckoning for Facebook, Google and Twitter.

Ark Tips and Tricks

ie: Floor demolished, attached walls exploded, ceiling attached to the walls explode, boxes sitting on the floor explode. Keep the future in mind when building. Keep the future in mind when building. - In relation to the previous bit; When you destroy a storage box, the items inside drop as a package or backpack for you to pick up

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Although public folders are a part of the information store, just like mailbox databases, they can't be restored using recovery storage groups. This means that if you ever have to restore a public

How to share your Dropbox files with links

Screenshot by Ed Rhee/CNET Dropbox users can now share files via links, instead of of relying on the public folder.

SEE: CNET Ranks The Best Online Photo Storage Programs

Cloud storage gives you a lot of space and convenience for free or cheap . For this guide, we evaluated about a dozen online photo services. While none of them offers the perfect mix of storage

How to get the most free online storage

The amount of free storage unlocked varies based on the device and you use to sign into your Box account. Google Drive . Google Drive users are treated to 15GB of free storage space. The space is

OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box: Which cloud

Of course, OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive and Box aren't your only options for cloud storage. One is SugarSync , a Dropbox-like alternative with apps for every mobile platform.

How to stream media from your network hard drive to your

Culture How to stream media from your network hard drive to your Xbox 360. Network hard drives are popular media storage solutions, and Xbox 360 consoles are popular home media centers--but they

How to save and share ridiculously large files

A few years ago it was a big deal to find a place that would let you share 1 gigabyte files. Things change, though. Bandwidth keeps growing, and the cost of Web storage keeps shrinking.

How to add more storage to your PlayStation 4

Storage space is at a with game consoles. Even if you're more inclined to pick up hard copies than download full games, patches, DLC and installs can fill up the standard hard drive on

How to set up the ultimate home theater PC

Hooking up your computer to your TV goes beyond a video cable. From configuring your PC to choosing the right accessories, follow this guide to setting up the ultimate HTPC.

Where on the server are exchange mailbox files kept

The exchange public and private stores are databases, and like many other databases, the database files will GROW themselves dynamically, but they will NOT shrink themselves dynamically.

Networked NAS storage drive with Samsung Smart TV

In reply to: Networked NAS storage drive with Samsung Smart TV Even if the TV can access a network share, the video encoding must be compatible with the TV. I find most consumers blow up on the