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Failure to do either will result in mission failure. - The first crate is in the room you are in, the second is in the kitchen. The third is at the upstairs landing. A fourth is at the end of the hallway while the fifth is in the Colonel's room. - Watch your time and make sure you keep the noise level low. Sneak crouched so you can quickly go from place to place. Once you have a crate, you

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Recommended Vehicle: PCJ 600 Tips: Again, you have to weave through traffic and maintain a good speed when hitting the Jump. Lean down and a good speed carries you over. >> Jump 20 USJ-20 Downtown Location: There is a concrete path next to the area where Jump 19 was located. Follow it down to an enclosed area, and the Jump is a metal ramp here. Aim: Cover a good distance an estimated 70M

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

When and if this happens, haul ass to make sure you snag all of the packages before they reach that point, or you fail the mission. Once you have all 4 packages, head back to the club to finish the mission and get $5000 and respect. .=====. MIKE TORENO '=====' This Mike guy seems to be stuck in a van that was stolen. He will talk to you until his cell phone battery dies, while giving you

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City FAQ/Walkthrough for

Snag the checkpoint here, and fly north along the edge of western Vice City to the red checkpoint in Little Havana. This one's a little high up, so make sure you gain some altitude. Take the next checkpoint over the waterfront of Little Havana. It should be just to the north of you. The next red checkpoint is in a tricky spot