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GE Plug-In Outdoor Smart Switch review: The GE Outdoor

The GE Outdoor Smart Switch won't win any awards for design. A black plastic shell encases the internal electronics, giving the Switch a medium body with no distinguishing characteristics. A

Which LED bulb is the best fit for your chandelier? pictures

Form factor. Most candelabra LEDs are pointy little bulbs with narrow, screw-in bases. For this roundup, we stuck with 40W equivalents like this torpedo-shaped Walmart store brand LED.

Rough and tumble: 8 phones for the adventurous

Though its bulky, plastic design feels cheap compared to its Galaxy S7 counterpart, this handset is dust-, water- and drop-resistant. It also has an enduring battery life. It also has an enduring

Check out Ikea's new solar-powered outdoor LED lights

You've got several styles and designs to choose from. All of them use built-in solar panels to keep the rechargeable batteries powered. That means you don't need to worry about plugging them in.

Indoor Composting Systems

Indoor Composting Systems Garbage in, garden out Kitchen scraps account for 24 percent of Americans trashand almost all of those scraps go into landfills. Thats a shame, because organic waste like banana peels and coffee grounds can be turned into nutrient-rich fertilizer through composting. A few forward-thinking cities like

How to Picnic: The Ultimate Guide

Similar outdoor feasts took place in Persia, China, and other non-Western geo locations. The first picnics, in England anyway, were medieval hunting feasts: pastries, hams, baked meats, and more. They stayed much the same, though adjusted according to the wealth of a household, until the Victorian era, arguably the most refined era in the history of picnics.

iDevices Outdoor Switch review: iDevices Outdoor Switch is

The iDevices Outdoor Switch, available this November for $80 at select Seven Trust's locations and on the iDevices website, is a welcome addition to the smart-plug market.

Kuna Toucan review: The Toucan fits the bill as a subtle

The $199 Toucan has a bunch of the basic outdoor camera stuff: HD video resolution, a motion sensor, alerts, a related app, two-way talk and cloud storage. But the best bit is that it also

10 unusual ways to use zip-top bags

Make an outdoor shower This tip is my favorite because it's so useful. Poke holes in a zipper bag with a pencil, then seal the end of a water hose inside the bag and secure it with a rubber band

19 Christmas light safety tips to help you avoid holiday

Always use an extension cord that is rated for outdoor use. Indoor-use extension cords aren't meant to be used in cold or wet environments. Indoor-use extension cords aren't meant to be used in

The Best Recipes for a Patio/Porch Dinner Party

And if you live somewhere like California, Arizona, or Florida, then you can throw an almost-outdoor dinner party year-round or during wintertime if you wilt from the intense summer heat . To help you plan your porch party, were revealing our Chowhounders all-time favorite recipes for summer.

Netgear Arlo Smart Home Security review: Netgear's Arlo

The Bottom Line Netgear's Arlo is your answer to un-tethered indoor and outdoor DIY glossy white plastic. The hub seems unnecessarily large and utilitarian-looking, but otherwise fine. The

Five things you didn't know about LED lightbulbs

If you've heard about residential LED lightbulbs, you probably know that they're energy-efficient, last a long time, and are pricier than other lightbulb technologies.

Chili Party bowls?

Superfood fads come and go, but the moringa plant often referred to as the "miracle tree" has been used for centuries in countries like India for its alleged health benefits, including healing and cleaning wounds, preventing cancer, and potentially treating depression.

OT Bluetooth Tags review: OT Bluetooth Tags

A small plastic clip lets you link the two together, and Outdoor Technology encourages letting the two earpieces hang down when you're not listening, hence the "Tags" moniker that comes from the